Cost of a $1 Menu

Living the life of the $1 menu at what cost is that to your body? Words such as Diabetic, High blood sugar, Stroke, Heart attack sound very scary but yet there is some definite connection on how the $1 menu can cause those scary words to manifest in your body. Let alone the addiction to sugar that starts to build in the walls beneath your skin. The cravings, and downright withdraw you feel after 1 hour of consuming an item that is so filled with sugar that you become an addict at one bite. Next time you are consuming the $1 menu hotcakes, keep it in mind exactly what cause and effect it is doing to your body. 13 grams of sugar in one meal of those hotcakes which equates to almost 10 teaspoons of sugar. Are you eating the items on that menu because it’s fast? Or is it because you have become a prisoner of $1 menu addiction? Looking at the nutritional facts below I hope your response is not because it’s entertaining for your children to experience this addiction. In the long run, it does not pay to feel weak when you can find alternatives to that same $1 menu. Choose to feel and look good by choosing to consume the right things and not becoming an addict of sugar.

http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fast-foods-generic/9348/2Screenshot 2017-10-17 11.29.55.png


My grandmother was a very wise woman, who believed in a well balanced meal and that food could heal the body. This was prior to be indoctrinated into the era of processed foods. Her recipe box was filled with what particular food to eat to match the alignment that one was experiencing. She was way ahead of her time. A homeopathic nurse in the 60’s. Who would even know what homeopathic medicine was let alone be a believer and administrator of an easy solution. That foundation has been my drive to help others with whole food solutions for their families.